Learning games

I’m embarking on a new project. Learning how to make games.

Having worked on films for nearly 20 years, I’ve explored nearly all aspects of computer animation and it’s uses in film but my experience with game engines and game development has been sparse.

On the technical end, I want to have a deeper understanding of how game engines work. I want to explore the structure of projects and how technical choices impact the manner in which you work.

On the creative end, I want to explore the relationship between storytelling for film and games. What are the similarities and differences? How does the medium impact the development process? Is the apparent non-linear nature of some games that different then the story telling process for film.

To tackle this project I am going to use Unity as my game engine. I have three primary reasons for this choice:

  1. For personal work, I prefer to use a mac and unity runs on the mac
  2. A few of my friends who have used unity in the past have commented on how well they have solved the cross platform development issue
  3. For learning purposes, it is free